Remedial Acupressure Massage
(Shiatsu & Thai)  

Acupressure Massage

The Original And Still The Best!​

Slow | Rhythmic | Deep | Bodyweight

An amazing stand-alone modality which can also be received together with Reflexology &/or Cupping &/or consecutively with some Private Yoga Tuition. Alternatively, Remedial Reflexology Massage is also available.

Remedial Acupressure Massage accesses the energy (meridian) lines of the body through stretching and direct thumb, finger, palm, elbow and sometimes knee pressure, affecting change within the body on both a physical and emotional level. These sessions are received "clothes on, no oil". For the optional use of some oil and Cupping, please see Remedial Reflexology Massage.

​Acupressure is an umbrella term used to describe asian-style massages such as Shiatsu & Traditional Thai. 


Shiatsu Massage is a traditional Japanese bodywork often used in the west as an overlay for the diagnostic models of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Aspects of the client’s health are evaluated, related back to and then treated as imbalances and blockages within a five-element system of organ & meridian networks (Five Elements: earth, metal, water, wood  & fire). Treatments can focus in on a range of emotional and physical issues associated with each organ network or element.

Traditional Thai Massage is a full body energy rebalance, meridian and major muscle group stretch & release that rebalances the rhythms of the body - freeing energy blockages from typical points of stagnation and areas of (often unconscious) contraction & armouring - allowing clean energy and blood to flow into and reduce pain in problem areas - incorporating gentle yoga-like stretches into the treatment, sensitively tailored to the flexibility of the receiver.


Treatment content, pace and pressure levels are specifically tailored to each individual client and, unless otherwise requested, incorporate aspects from both Shiatsu & Thai Yoga Acupressure (Remedial) Massage modalities.

60   minutes | $120

75   minutes | $140

90   minutes | $160

105 minutes | $180

2 hours | $200

First Session?

FREE +15 min. Upgrade*

For New & Regular Clients a Mobile Service to your home, workplace or accommodation priced as above INCLUDES a call-out fee for daytime sessions Monday - Friday. Add +$20 only for irregular sessions.

*A +15 min. New & Regular Client Upgrade is available for first and subsequent appointments (each time they are re-booked within 30 days), for daytime sessions Monday - Friday received at my Coorabell Clinic

 e.g. receive 75 mins. for the price of 60 mins.


add a free bonus Cupping, Moxibustion, Gua sha, Chi-nei-tsang or Australian Bush Flower Essence blend (value $20)

Evening, weekend or public holiday appointments may be available for an additional surcharge of +$20 if you come to my Coorabell Clinic (e.g. 60 minutes for $140) OR +$40 if I come to your home, accommodation or workplace (e.g. 60 minutes for $160). 

Please Contact Me and I can

give you an exact price

for your individual requirements.


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"Before I went to see Chris, I felt pretty sluggish as my circulation had slowed down and my muscles and joints were quite stiff.


After the treatment with him I could feel everything moving again.


My joints and muscles felt really relaxed and my energy levels had definitely increased - that was after just one hour! It was amazing I am planning on regular treatments with him from now on."



Treatments in St Kilda by appointment only.