Treatment Add-ons


(Flame Glass or Non-Flame Silicon) Cupping – cups are applied to areas of the back to treat cases of sharp, acute pain or long term blood stagnation. Draws out cold and increases range of movement. Applied directly onto the skin often with a little oil and can leave a mark but no pain depending on the underlying issue.

Moxibustion – burning charcoal-like stick that, kept just a few centimeters off the skin, penetrates warmth deep into the fascia (connective tissue) & muscles. Great for injury recovery.

Gua Sha – a sliding spoon is repeatedly applied over areas of tightness. Great for chronic, long term conditions – particularly necks. Releases stagnant blood and increases range of movement. Applied directly onto the skin with oil and can leave a mark depending on what the underlying issue is. A much lighter more relaxing version can be used across the face as part of a face & scalp Reflexology session.


Chi-nei-tsang - a deep, firm, chinese oil massage of the abdomen as a way to clense & detox the inner organs, particularly of the digestive system. A great treatment for all kinds of digestive disturbances.

Australian Bush Flower Essences – enhance & prolong the beneficial effects of your session with your own personalised Flower Essence blend which captures the unique vibration of specific Australian natives, promoting physical, emotional & spiritual wellbeing.

+$20 as add-on

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