An amazing stand-alone modality which can also 

be received together with Massage in a Remedial Reflexology Massage and / or consecutively with Private Yoga Tuition.

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Reflexology is an extremely relaxing, revitalizing and therapeutic treatment which uses the feet as a mirror for the structure & function of the entire body. Thumb pressure is applied to reflex points in order to assess and treat specific areas of imbalance, tender points indicating which corresponding part/s of the body are potentially congested.

By accessing and encouraging the body’s own innate healing mechanisms reflexology rebalances the body by calming over-active and stimulating under-active areas through the feet, a sensitive end point for some of the body’s major nervous & meridian (energy) networks.


I believe that creating an environment of deep relaxation is responsible for 90% of the beneficial results achieved through any form of complimentary therapy. Finding the appropriate amount of pressure for each individual client is one of the keys to achieving this.

Reflexology treatments use only a small amount of (talc-free) tea tree oil + cornstarch powder directly on the skin of the feet, ankles & calves which improves the sensation & application of the therapist’s thumb pressure.

60 minutes | $120

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"I always look forward to my Reflexology treatments with Chris - although I often don't remember a lot about them, as I often fall asleep during them. I always feel the benefit of the treatment though - improved well-being and relief from physical and emotional stress."


Amanda K.

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Treatments in St Kilda by appointment only.
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Reflexology Deluxe

Reflexology Deluxe builds on a holistic Reflexology session by utilizing extended and more varied relaxation techniques in order to access & release deeper layers of muscle, joint, tendon & ligament tension within the physical structure of the feet, ankles & calves.

Each session begins with a eucalyptus + salted foot bath, incorporates hot towel compresses and ends with an essential oil massage of the feet & calves. These extra features serve to further warm, relax and soften the feet (as well as the entire body), improving therapeutic access & treatment outcomes, as well as generally enhancing the overall Reflexology experience.


Problems such as tired, aching feet, fallen arches, bunions, bunionettes, hammer or mallet toes (including all joint problems of the feet & ankles), planter fasciitis or recovering sprained ankles can all be addressed via this specialized modality.

Both treatments also incorporate Shiatsu Acupressure based pressure points of the feet, ankles & calves, the combination of which are tailored for each individual client.

75 minutes | $140

90 minutes | $160

For New & Regular Clients a Mobile Service to your home, workplace or accommodation priced as above INCLUDES a call-out fee for daytime sessions Monday - Friday.

Add +$20 only for irregular sessions.

*A +15 min. New & Regular Client Upgrade is available for first and subsequent appointments (each time they are re-booked within 30 days), for daytime sessions Monday - Friday received at my Coorabell Clinic

 e.g. receive 75 mins. for the price of 60 mins.


add a free bonus Cupping, Moxibustion, Gua sha, Chi-nei-tsang or Australian Bush Flower Essence blend (value $20)

Evening, weekend or public holiday appointments may be available for an additional surcharge of +$20 if you come to my Coorabell Clinic (e.g. 60 minutes for $140) OR +$40 if I come to your home, accommodation or workplace (e.g. 60 minutes for $160).