The tàijítú is a Taoist symbol reflecting the interplay of yin and yang present within all life - both at a microcosmic (detailed) and macrocosmic (big picture) level.


The concept of the tàijítú (yin / yang symbol) can be used as a template for a balanced and harmonious life, enjoyed within and often despite it's many inevitable ups and downs.


Yin and yang can be described as complimentary, inter-related aspects of a single unifying force present in all life. The yin force is seen as passive, cold, receptive, feminine, internal, protected, nurturing, still and can be experienced via the exhalation. The yang force is active, warm, masculine, external, superficial and can be experienced via the inhalation. These forces interact to ultimately create balance, represented by the tàijítú (yinyang) symbol below, perfectly illustrating this symbiotic relationship as well as the continuous presence of light (yang) within the dark (yin) as well as dark (yin) within the light (yang) as represented by the circular dots contained within.

To experience the interplay of these complimentary forces right now, close your eyes and explore your own yin and yang qualities within by simply connecting to the breath. As you breathe in, notice that the action of inhalation is receptive (yin) and as you breathe out, notice that the action of exhalation is productive (yang). As you continue to breathe in and out, switch your awareness to the effect of the inhalation and notice that it is uplifting and vitalising (yang). As you continue to breathe, notice that the effect of the exhalation is relaxing and calming (yin). Continue to breathe gently in and out for a few more moments, appreciating the perfect balance of yin and yang within every inhalation and within every exhalation.

The challenge of maintaining balance and harmony within the body, mind and emotions changes throughout the day, throughout the year (Summer, Late SummerAutumn, Winter & Spring) and thought our life time, depending on our own unique constitution and it's inherent strengths and weaknesses.

Working with the body as a gateway into the mind, emotions and spirit, through active engagement in something like Yoga or through a more passive (receptive) engagement through the modalities of something like Remedial Acupressure Massage, Remedial Reflexology MassageReflexology or Flower Essences, helps us remain aligned (and healthy) with the constantly changing external environment around us, as individual products of this environment.

Modalities approach the body holistically, utilising only healthy, rebalancing movements of the muscular, physiological & energetic layers, re-establishing vital connections through the intricate networks of internal organs, systems & centres that lie within.​​​​​​​

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