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Byron Hinterland Clinic • Coorabell
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Choose between a Remedial Acupressure Massage which focuses on the body, a Remedial Reflexology Massage, focusing on the distal points of the feet, hands, scalp & face, or a focused Reflexology on any one of these areas. Optionally add-on some Cupping, Australian Bush Flower Essences or Private Yoga Tuition.


By affecting organ related meridian (energy) systems within the body, treatments seek to address the underlying causes of physical & emotional dis-ease.

Calms The Mind
Promotes Sound Sleep
Regulates Body Rhythms
Relieves Pain
Soothes Tension
Increases Mobility
Boosts Vitality
Totally Natural & Holistic
Generates Health & Well-being

Treatments are generally received fully clothed and use individually tailored combinations of stretching and direct thumb, finger, palm, elbow & sometimes knee pressure to encourage deep relaxation and the free flow of energy & blood circulation throughout the body.

Equalise your internal body rhythms, increase blood circulation and nourish your internal organs, hormone glands, muscles & skin with a treatment tailored to your specific requirements.

I am a fully qualified and registered practitioner with almost 20 years of experience!


As a registered provider with most Private Health Funds I am also able to provide receipts for you to use in order to claim with them - so please Contact Me to see if I am able to do so with your particular fund.


*A +15 min. New & Regular Client Upgrade is available for first and subsequent appointments (each time they are re-booked within 30 days), for all daytime sessions received at my Coorabell Clinic.

Sessions at your home, accommodation or workplace are also available.


  Eveningweekend or public holiday appointments may be available at an additional surcharge.

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"From the moment you walk in the energy is sublime… Chris is warm and gentle, the tone of his voice very calm and he is very thorough in his assessment of you.


Every experience is different and Chris tailors the massage to how you and your body are feeling at that time. His techniques work every time leaving me feeling completely alive, my body unraveled of tightness and my aches and pains gone…"



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