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​The word Yoga​ means so much more than just the physical posturing (āsana), which actually represents just a very small part of one of the world’s great ancient philosophies, providing us with a wide range of practises that address every aspect of our life, not just our physical body.​​​​ Read more here


All sessions cater for every level, tailored for both men & women, all body types, ages, sizes, shapes and levels of strength & flexibility. All practises are safely introduced and then modified or developed upon for each individual practitioner, unifying a rhythmic flow of movement, breathing, relaxation & contemplation with Yoga & Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory & philosophy.


Join me as we take a seasonal, Traditional Chinese MedicineFive Element, approach to our Haṭha Yoga practise, on a journey through Late Summer (& Earth Element), into the contracting and cooler months of Autumn (& Metal Element), into the coldest months of Winter (& Water Element) and then on to the expanding warmer months of Spring (& Wood Element) and warmest months of Summer (& Fire Element).

My aim is to provide a nurturing and supportive environment - encouraging a sense of community - within which students are able to take some valuable time-out of day-to-day responsibilities in order to safely establish and / or further develop their own personal Yoga practise.

I am currently offering Private Yoga Tuition for individuals or small groups (family, friends or colleagues) on a day / time that suits you. The more students in your group / the more classes you commit to each term, the lower the per-class/per-student price.


Please Contact Me for more information.


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"I love practicing Yoga at Saṁyoga. I am not very flexible, but Chris always makes sure I am working at a level that is appropriate (and safe) for me. I never feel intimidated as every class is very inclusive and made up of people with a diverse range of abilities. Chris’ classes include music, readings, chants and snippets of daily wisdom, ensuring that every session is interesting and unique to the particular time of year. I feel that I learn something new from every class and highly recommend Saṁyoga for people of all ages and abilities."