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I've got this sneaking suspicion that my laptop computer is on its last legs. Purchasing a new one is long overdue, delayed because I'm not all that keen on the easy disposability of modern life (I've already had mine fixed and upgraded twice). Suffice to say, I've been taking the time to carefully back up my photos, text & music so that I don't lose it all when the inevitable strikes. Coinciding with the New Year, it's also given me an opportunity to stop, re-evaluate and re-assess and refocus onother aspects of my life.

Late Summer Sunset

Am I on track?

Am I moving in the right direction?

Am I moving at all?

The thinking there is that we aren't able to move forward unless we feel like we're doing so from a solid / steady foundation. Conversely, I recently watched a Jerry Seinfeld documentary on Netflix which was about how he wanted to start completely afresh and began doing stand up comedy again using only new material, refusing to use any of the old material that took him decades to accumulate. These concepts of ​consolidating ('backing up') and 'letting go' are appropriate as we move into the seasons of Late Summer and then Autumn, here in the Southern Hemisphere. Taking stock and sorting out what it is that we really need before we let go of all that no longer serves perfectly aligns us with the seasonal flow as we move from the hottest months of Summer and into the coldest months of Winter.

In order to assist with creating this alignment, check out my +15min. Treatment Upgrade Offer applicable to all Shiatsu Acupressure & Thai Massage, Reflexology & Combination Therapy sessions in St Kilda, Melbourne, up until 31. March 2018.

Private Health Fund Rebates are also available.

Yoga with Milo

Also running in 7 Class Blocks from 05. February 2018 is my new 9:30am Mondays Yoga AllStars Weekly Class.

Perfect for all ages, sizes and levels of ability, the more classes you can commit to (and pre-pay for) upfront, the cheaper the per-class rate. Drop-Ins also welcome (space permitting). In order to preserve the quality of these sessions I'm accepting a maximum of 15 students per class. With 10 places already taken, there's just 5 more available to those that are interested, so please Contact Me ASAP in order to reserve yours, before Milo takes it! (he's pretty keen).

Yoga AllStars 2018 - 9:30am Mondays in Balaclava, Melbourne

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