Autumn > Winter 2018 - Melbourne, You Got This!

Autumn 2018 in Melbourne

If you enjoy the warmth of the sun along with a bit of a chill in the air - perfect

SunRoom weather - then Melbourne's Autumn is really pulling out all the stops for you this year. Continuing the trend established in the (formerly) hot but still relatively dry ‘fifth season’ of Late Summer, there’s still the risk of cold penetrating the defences, particularly the neck and lower back, and especially in the cooler evenings (yin) and / or when the body’s protective Chi or Qi (energy) is weak or compromised. This is the typical time of year to wake up with back and / or neck pain - so do try to keep yourself protected.

Fankie & Milo at Albert Park.

On the one hand, I’m loving this time of year, but on the other hand, like many others, this time of the year feels very confusing for the body - one minute I’m freezing cold and next minute I’m boiling hot. Layers come in very handy. Having struggled through the extra environmental heat present during Late Summer, I‘m now feeling like a sponge that’s absorption as much light and warmth from the sun as is physically possible.

Melbourne's CDB

For many, this time of the year can also be challenging emotionally and mentally - not at all surprising given these aspects are simply more subtle (but no less important) reflections of our physical being. In this model, the emotions are reflected physically by the breath, which provides an interface between the body and mind. If we’re not feeling well physically, emotionally or mentally, it’s almost certain that we’re not breathing optimally. The most effective way of infiltrating this interrelated system is by working with the middleman, the breath. The trick though, is not to try harder and create tension that is completely counter productive to healthy breathing, but rather to practice relaxation, thereby allowing the body to breathe better.

Sounds great, but how?

Yoga AllStars PoPuP Class + 7x Class Block

If you're in or near St Kilda, Melbourne, you can attend the upcoming PoPuP Yoga Class - just one of my regular classes in a special 'one-off' 90 min. format exploring practises most relevant to the seasonal transition from Autumn into Winter - running at 9:30am on Monday 07. May 2018. Places are limited to 15 students, so please do get in touch ASAP in order to reserve yours.

A new 7x Class Block of Yoga AllStars 60 min. classes are also being p​lanned to re-commence from the first Monday in July.

Shiatsu Acupressure & Thai (Remedial) Massage, Reflexology, Yoga & Combination Therapy available in St Kilda, Melbourne.

Alternatively you can Contact Me to book a wonderfully therapeutic Shiatsu Acupressure or Thai (Remedial) Massage, Reflexology, Individual Yoga Tuition or Combination Therapy session will certainly help you to stop, check-in and relax during these colder and coldest months of the year.

MayDay Massage Offer >> Contact Me by THIS Friday (04.05) to book you next appointment (to be received any time in May) and receive a complimentary +15 min. Upgrade (available to both NEW and EXISTING clients).

Private Health Fund Rebates & Gift Vouchers are also available.

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